About me

Hi eveyone! ¡Hola a todos! This is Guadalupe Cañas Herrera, a cosmologist to be, currently enrrolled in the MSc. in Physics at Leiden University (The Netherlands), pursuing the specialization in Cosmology with a focus on Theoretical Physics (De Sitter Programme). Previously, I studied at University of Cantabria (Spain), my home institution, at Utrecht University (The Netherlands), as an Erasmus student, and at Brown University (USA), as an exchange student as well. From these universities, I obtained my BSc. in Physics with a track in Fundamental Physics, with high experimental content. If you are interested in discovering how I felt in love with Cosmology, and in what and with whom I have worked, I invite you to click in Research or to read my resumé.

Getting into personal details, I was born in Madrid, Spain, in spite of the fact that all my relatives are from La Mancha. However, at the age of three, I was moved to Cantabria, one of the most enchanting regions in the North of Spain. I am very proud of my multicultural Spanish roots, which provide me with a wide Spanish vocabulary and culinary skills (and my open-minded thinking, of course).

I belong to one of the first Spanish generations that grew up taking advantage of the European Union's budget in education. I completed my compulsory education in a French bilingual programme carrying out several exchanges in France. I also spent some summers in England improving Shakespeare's language. During my late High School years, I took part in the Comenius Programme, experiencing what being an european student is like in Berlin (Germany). Futhermore, I even studied Dutch thanks to the Erasmus Intensive Language Courses (EILC) (already dissapeared) and I have recently travelled around Europe using the Interrail Pass that is partially financiated for European young people. With this background, I naturally feel European and I am a strong supporter of the European Union, the one that has always evolved thanks to social policies and the reinforce of human rights.

Finally, when I am not stuying/working, I enjoy developping my artistic side: playing the piano and singing (I have graduated in Professional Teachings in Music at Conservatorio Jesús de Monasterio), painting (mostly landscapes), gardering and cooking. Finally, I do love learning, reading, writing and speaking in all languages I can (currently, in this order, English, Spanish, Dutch, French and little German), and getting to know different cultures to continue enriching myself.