I love teaching, and apart from university experience (see below), I also worked with secondary school kids carrying out teaching activities in subjects such as Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

2017 Fall Semester (Leiden University):

Teaching Assistant of Theory of General Relativity (in English), imparted by Dr. Jan Zaanen.

My tasks are focused on helping with doubts, questions and further requests from students, as well as helping with the creation of exercises and checking assigments.

2016 Spring Semester (University of Cantabria):

Teaching Assistant of Física Cuántica y Estructura de la Materia I: Fundamentos de la Física Cuántica (in Spanish, translated in English as Quantum Physics and Matter Structure I: basics of Quantum Physics), imparted by Dr. Diego Herranz. and Dr. Ramon Niembro.

I carried out seminar sessions for the students, where we worked and solved extra exercises and theoretical questions. For this task, I was awarded the "Best Teaching Assistant of the year 2016" prize.